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US to spend $500m on cyber security research -Lynn

February 16th, 2011 by David No Comments

Deputy US defense secretary William Lynn has said a growing threat to US cyber security will require a partnership between the government and technology industries to address it.

Lynn added that it would take a generation to reduce the worst of the present weaknesses in cyber security.

To that end he announced $500m in research spending into cyber technologies, with a focus on areas like cloud computing, virtualization, and encrypted processing.

Lynn said the US department of defense initiative will also provide seed capital to private firms through a “Cyber Accelerator” pilot to produce technologies for commercial and defence cyber security usage.

“The overwhelming percentage of our nation’s critical [information] infrastructure, including the Internet itself, is in private hands,” said Lynn, adding that it would take “vast technological and human resources to ensure the United States retains its preeminent capabilities in cyberspace, as it does in all the other domains”.

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